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HANDY Foldable


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It has been one of Pacific Cycles’ main goals to provide transportation solutions for cyclists who have special needs. In 2004, Pacific introduced the HANDY handcycle, but they quickly realized there could be improvements to make it more thoughtful and user friendly.


Since 2010 Pacific has been working closely together with various associations to discover and observe the needs of people using handcycles; this has giving them a whole new picture of what their next generation HANDY should look like and what functions it should have.

Handy is now offered with a dedicated power assist to further enhance mobility and range. The propulsion system has been specifically developed for hand pedaling, providing the right level of assistance and balance.

Pacific Handy Foldable mod-1280.jpg
Storage and portability

Regular handcycles’ bulky size has always caused issues for storing or transporting. The biggest feature of the new HANDY is that it can fold down to half of its size making it perfect for storing in your house or car trunks.

One size fits all

Another unique feature of the new HANDY is that it’s highly adjustable to fit every users’ individual needs. Its cockpit reach, handlebar height, and seat position are all designed with adjustable systems to accommodate all types of body conditions.


Elastomer suspension is designed onto the frame to bring comfort, stability, and a big smile on users’ face!

HANDY Foldable


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