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Thoughtfully designed for cerebral
palsy patients


*Price exclusive of taxes and duties

The MICAH tricycle is the perfect companion for young adults and children with cerebral palsy. Not only is riding the MICAH fun, but it also promotes growth and learning while providing a safe way to build confidence and independence.

The seat and handlebar are highly adjustable to suit any need. An assist steering handle behind the seat allows a caretaker, or special needs assistant, to maneuver the MICAH.


The new generation MICAH integrates various improvements such as:


•Internal drive for easy step-through, hassle- free and clean operation – no exposed greasy parts!

•Innovative inner cable steering system to avoid the interference of pedaling.

•A new adaptive seating system with a greater range of adjustment for increased support and comfort.

•By removing specific accessories for cerebral palsy, MICAH is also a safe and stable vehicle for elder person.



MICAH Abductor (Leg Separator)
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