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Essential Cycling Accessories for Traveling With the BIRDY

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

When it comes to foldable bikes, the BIRDY is a great, versatile choice. Whether you’re looking for everyday use to get around town, or for a cycling road trip and a little more durability, the BIRDY ticks a lot of boxes for foldable bike users.

But if you want to make the most of it, you’ll need a few essential cycling accessories to complete your ride. Let’s take a look at some of the best bicycle accessories for the BIRDY, including the BIRDY Rucsack, the Exclusive Kickstand, and the Multi-Purpose Adaptor by U DESIGN. Why are they useful and will you need them for your trip?

BIRDY Rucsack

It’s likely that you will be taking your BIRDY foldable bike on public transport for part of the trip or to reach your destination. While your BIRDY can be carried in its folding state with minimal weight, taking the BIRDY Rucsack gives you a hands free way of transporting your bike for a trip in which you may have other things to carry.

The BIRDY fits neatly inside the Rucsack, which comes with a strap so you can pick the bike up and carry it like a regular shoulder bag. The weight distribution is pretty great, meaning you’ll barely feel it as you carry it around.

The BIRDY Rucsack is a bike carry case that ticks all the boxes for essential cycling accessories that are lightweight, useful, and portable, and is a great addition for traveling with the BIRDY, especially for a camping trip.

U DESIGN Multi-Purpose Adaptor

Once you’re set up for a camping trip and you’re out and about on your BIRDY for the day, it’s likely you won’t want to take a huge amount of stuff with you. Instead of a backpack, you just want something to hold your phone, wallet, camera, and a few other smaller things, right?

The U DESIGN Multi-Purpose Adaptor is a small adapter that you can mount on various points of the BIRDY. You can have it on the seat post, on the handlebar clamp, or right below the handlebar. The adapter allows you to attach various bike parts and accessories, such as a bottle holder, bicycle tool bag, or a small accessories bag, and is one of the handiest essential cycling accessories.

The adapter itself is stiff and sturdy and a highly durable choice with a quick-release clamp that allows you to get it out of the way when you don’t need it. You can choose how you set it up, and its versatility makes it one of the essential cycling accessories for the BIRDY.

Exclusive BIRDY kickstand

Stopping for a quick break or photo op? The Exclusive BIRDY Kickstand is an easy addition to your bike that ensures you have somewhere to stand it without a wall or tree to prop it up against. With a quick kick of the foot, your bike will be stationary without needing to leave it on the ground to gather mud.

The kickstand attaches to the rear of the bicycle, and is fully integrated with the frame design. What we love about it most is the stiff spring that keeps it in place when you’re riding, and makes sure the kickstand doesn’t rattle or make a lot of noise.

The ideal essential cycling accessories for you

Every rider is different and you know what you need for your cycling trip or journey to optimize it to your liking. The above ideas are based on the average rider and most popular bike accessories to make the most out of the BIRDY folding bike. Do you have your favorite essential cycling accessories? Let us know what you always take for your optimal folding bike experience.

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