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Folding Bike Review

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Is a foldable bike the bike for you? Lightweight, surprisingly durable, customizable to your needs, and perfect for short commutes, let’s take a look at the pros and cons in this folding bike review.


Portability is one of the key traits for those looking to buy a commuter bike, and it’s where foldable bikes excel the most. Take a look at Pacific Cycles’ BIRDY as an example. This is one of the best folding bike options out there for many reasons, but especially for its compact fold down structure. It’s a comfortable bike for easy riding, then fold it up in seconds for a lightweight folding bike that is easily carried. This makes it ideal as a commuter bike that can be carried on and off transport, or a regular bike to be carried up and down stairs, or bundled in the trunk of your car for transporting.

The 3rd generation Birdy is particularly impressive when it comes to portability, and when folded completely, is 15% smaller than the previous generation. There’s a chain tensioner that keeps your chain in a good position when your bike is folded, so you don’t damage things accidentally.

Folding bike weight capacity

One thing that many people think is a downside is the folding bike weight limit. If you aren’t well versed with bikes, it’s easy to see why you might think that a lightweight folding bike can’t take a heavier rider (or a rider with a lot of gear). But you would be wrong.

Even against a more high-end road or mountain bike, a lightweight folding bike has at least the same or sometimes even greater weight capacity. This is a surprising fact, and a foldable bike like the REACH STD, which folds down to an impressively compact size, can take up to 110kg in weight, making it one of the best folding bikes for those riding with a larger weight.

Riding experience

No folding bike review is complete without talking about the riding experience - so what’s the handling like on such a lightweight bicycle? Cyclists want to feel stable when cycling, and while we admit that smaller wheels might seem like they’re not that confidence-inspiring, you would be surprised at how good a lightweight folding bike can handle.

The frame geometry and the entire design of the bike are made with handling in mind, and while the wheels are sometimes smaller, you’ll get the same stability and maneuverability that you would expect to get from a conventional bike.

If you’re looking for extra comfort and durability, suspension might be the key. When it comes to suspension, Pacific Cycle foldable bikes come with many options. And while for some it might be a matter of personal preference, a foldable bike with suspension will give you a much more comfortable and forgiving ride over rougher terrain.


The last thing you’ll get from a lightweight folding bike is versatility. These bikes are made to be highly adjustable. You have a lot of room to set up your seat position, the position of your handlebars, and some will even allow you to customize your suspension. This allows you to have your bike set up right for you and your needs, which results in an incredibly comfortable ride once you get things set up.

Folding bike review: consensus

A lot of people seem to think that buying a lightweight folding bike, as compared to a conventional bike, will require you to compromise on a few important things. But with constant improvement, these foldable bikes have proven that they have just as much quality when it comes to durability, riding experience, and customization. All with the added benefits of a lightweight bicycle you can transport almost anywhere. So are you compromising?

The answer is no, you’re not. You’re getting a bike that will give you a lot more than a conventional bike would, without any sacrifices. So, if you ask us, yes, a foldable bike is worth considering as your next purchase!

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