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P40 marks Pacific Cycles' 40th anniversary

What is a Birdy P40?

In commemoration of Pacific Cycle’s 40th anniversary, the limited edition P40 is born. The P40 is the latest addition to the legendary BIRDY line which from its global popularity and following has put Pacific Cycles among the best makers of foldable bikes in the world.


The Secret of the New Frame

The most modern manufacturing design process was undertaken for the P40 to live up to the maker’s vision of what the P40 stands for. The design had to be ergonomic and smooth, and it needs to be stronger and lighter than before therefore a unique hydroforming process was introduced to produce the P40’s frame in one solid tube compared to welding together separate parts. It is the world’s first fully hydroformed bicycle made by Pacific Cycles.

The improved characteristics of the P40 are:

Unibody frame with reduced assembly process

● Increased stiffness and higher precision structure

The essence of a frame that is current, of recent time, and trendy

A Lighter frame due to uniform thickness manufacturing

Aside from the new frame, everything else people love about the BIRDY is still here. The lowered BB and head tube angle that provides excellent stability whilst satisfying speed and incredible responsiveness. You get the same flexibility and versatility of a bike that you can fold down to an incredibly small size in seconds.


Environmentally-Friendly Paint

A world class bike needs a world class paint job. Imported from Italy, the P40’s paint is made from an architectural grade powder which is super easy to clean and sustainably produced. The eco-friendly paint reduces the carbon footprint emissions in the P40’s production process whilst making it look visually stunning.

You’ll Love P40!

The BIRDY P40 is truly a symbolic piece of fine bicycle engineering representing Pacific Cycles’ journey and growth since their very first BIRDY. It is so special that there will only be 1000 units manufactured for the P40 edition.

As a versatile means of transportation coupled with BIRDY P40’s excellent factors, you’ll want to get your hands on one before Christmas!


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