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Pacific Cycles Turns the Bike Wheels for a Better Society!

Ever since its creation, Pacific Cycles, as a company, has dedicated itself to making cycling accessible for everyone, including disabled cyclists who would still love to enjoy the sport. This year, we celebrated our 40th anniversary, which also saw the release of the BIRDY P40, a limited edition bicycle which comes with a couple of unique features.

A few months ago, we also organized the annual Pacific Cycling Family Day, which calls on employees and cyclists, as well as the public, to ride for charity. For every kilometer cyclists drive, Pacific Cycles donates $10. The result? A donation amount that reached NT$250,000 and was entirely donated to the Cerebral Palsy Taiwan Sport Recreation Association in an attempt to remove the barriers disabled cyclists face.

And while the annual charity day is a great way for Pacific Cycles to show their support for handicapped cyclists, as a company, we’ve been doing much more than just that for years.


More than just a means of transportation, the MICAH is the perfect companion for children and young adults who have cerebral palsy. It’s a bike that allows you to grow and learn while keeping it a fun and healthy experience. If you know someone who’s struggling with CP, this bike will help them build their self confidence, mobility and independence.

The adjustable seat, handle and footrest allow you to tailor the sitting position to pretty much anyone’s needs, ensuring optimal comfort in any situation. The handle at the back allows the caretaker to remain in control of the bike at all times, making sure the person enjoying the ride is having fun while staying safe.

The MICAH is just one testament to the fact that Pacific Cycles aims to make the cycling society as inclusive as it gets.

The New MICAH will be available sometime in 2022, stay tuned!

The HANDY Foldable

When it was initially introduced in 2004, the HANDY Foldable was considered an innovative solution for transportation, perfectly tailored towards special needs cyclists. That being said, many of them still wanted something even more handicap friendly, which is why it is now also available with an electric motor that makes this handcycle even easier to ride.

Of course, even though it’s one of the best options for disabled cyclists, who would prefer to use their arms rather than their legs, that didn’t stop us from making it incredibly compact by utilizing a couple of innovative features. The highlight is the ability to detach the rear half of the HANDY from the front, effectively splitting it in two so you can fit it in the trunk of your car easily. When paired with the adjustable seat position, handlebar angle and height, it’s the perfect handcycle, period.


Made to enable everyone to enjoy cycling as a sport, the 2RIDER is all about sharing an experience, whether that’s with your friends or your family. By default, it comes with two wheels, but you can easily attach the Child Seat Set, which adds two more seats. Now it can fit your whole family, regardless of who can and who can’t ride the bike independently.

With individual suspension on both the front and the rear of the chassis, the 2RIDER is one of the most comfortable bicycles when you’re looking at a means of transportation and pleasure that’s accommodating to everyone. And with the added flexibility of the child seat set as an option, there’s nowhere you can’t go with it.


Last but not least, there’s the TRIGO. Even though it excels at high speeds, it’s also a recumbent trike that makes cycling easy for people who just don’t feel comfortable on a regular bicycle or at an upright position. It comes with a comfortable, reclined seating position and the option to choose between a manual trike or one with a Shimano Step E5000 system to make peddling a bit easier.

One of the best things people with disabilities will appreciate is the fact that you can adjust the length, adjust the handlebar width and angle, and tilt the seat to the perfect riding position for maximum comfort.

Pacific Cycles, Helping Everyone Enjoy Cycling

From the annual charity cycles, to bicycles that are tailor made for people with disabilities including cerebral palsy, Pacific Cycles is well on the way to achieving our goal; make cycling accessible to everyone, everywhere.

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